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Hairstyling 101: For Men

Trying to do a new hairstyle but can’t get it to stay in place? Or just really bothered by the scruffy look and want to bring out the classier side of yourself?

An on-point hairstyle game can completely turn around your looks (and your life too!)


But we know pulling it off isn't easy, is it? A visit to the barber’s and you come back looking like the next style icon. The next day, no matter how hard you try, you can't recreate the hairstyle and end up with the same boring look.

That’s why we’re to help you breeze through personal grooming with some very handy hairstyling tips.

  • Understand Your Hair

Now, before you begin experimenting with your hair, you should know exactly how your hair is.

With straight hair, styling is probably the easiest – you can play around with different looks and use a variety of products. If you’re blessed with wavy hair, looks and volume are on your side but keeping the waves in places is the real challenge.

Curly hair brings a touch of uniqueness to your hair, but the struggle to maintain them is real.

  • Go For Volume

Yes, short and simple hairstyles are the hassle-free option — much easier for self-grooming, and you will definitely spend less time tending to them.  

But, you don't just want to stick with the safe or ordinary, do you?

Adding volume to your hair allows you to try out a range of hairstyles — from quiffs and pompadours to brush-up styles and more.

  • Personal Grooming

Your hair begins to curl or become messy from the edges within a week or two of your haircut.

Now, you can’t possibly head over to the barber every time that happens, right?

Keep a haircutting kit handy and keep the edges neat and trimmed. Any hairstyle you're aiming for, regular self-grooming will help it stand out and have the desired effect.

  • The Right Products

Choosing the right hair and beard care products can be the difference between a style that swoops others off their feet or turns heads for the wrong reasons.

Know what you need – don’t be overly cautious or too care-free with how much you use.

Here’s how knowing how to use hair products can set you on the right hairstyling path:

  • Hair Shampoo & Conditioner

Dirt and dandruff weaken your hair and make styling a daunting task.

So, before you get to the styling part, clean your hair thoroughly from dirt and do away with dandruff with the right shampoo and conditioner.

  • Gels

Hair gel is the simplest product to hold your hair in place and achieve a shiny, sleek look. For straight hair, light-hold gels work just fine but if you're of the curly community, try one with a stronger hold.

  • Wax or Pomade

Whether you want to slick the hair back or have little more control over the waves, wax and pomade let you do that. At the same time, they bring out the natural shine of your hair.

  • Hair Spray

Hair sprays come in when you’ve styled your hair and want them to stay that for a reasonable time. Remember to not overdo it, or they will leave your hair pretty dry.


Become a Hairstyling Pro

This hairstyling 101 guide and Dari Mooch’s exclusive range of hair and beard grooming products are all you need to style your hair like a pro.

Rock the hairstyle you desire and bring out the celebrity hidden inside!


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