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A Guide To Trimming Your Hair - Dari Mooch

A Guide To Trimming Your Hair

Haircutting Kit For You

Wherever you go, your looks are the first thing people notice about you. While a classy hairstyle can instantly sweep people off their feet, an ordinary or scruffy look can give a negative vibe. Even if you don’t feel a bold style sits well with you, keeping yourself groomed is essential.



Unfortunately, since the outbreak of COVID-19, it has been a while since we paid a visit to the barber in a stress-free way. However, that absolutely doesn’t mean you can’t keep your looks clean and updated.

Dari Mooch presents you with their DIY haircutting barber kit, giving you the chance to be your own barber!




 No longer is hygiene a concern for your self-grooming. Cut your hair at your convenience whenever you want and never let the looks seem out of shape. Simultaneously, save up on the costs of having to go for regular salon trips.

We know with the haircutting kit you won’t become a professional barber overnight. The start will be a little tricky. But no need to worry because here’s a step by step guide to your first experience with a professional haircutting kit.

The Right Men’s Haircutting Tools

There are only three essential items you need in a barber kit: scissors, a razor, and a comb. Dari Mooch’s best men’s haircutting kit has it all - exactly the tools you will find at any professional salon. Every tool is tailor-made for a seamless haircutting procedure.

  • Scissors: Durable and perfect for any size or texture of hair. You can’t use any household or kitchen scissor risking damaging your hair. 

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  • Comb: The fineness of the comb matters immensely. You want your hair balanced and properly leveled. 

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  • Razor: The razor is important to ensure the edges are trimmed neatly and painlessly. 


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Setting Up

You have the tools in hand. Now, it’s time to get the set-up ready.

Every haircut requires intricate attention. Your hair should be the single most important thing during this time.

Firstly, select your location. The bathroom is preferably where cleanliness is not an issue and water is at arm’s length. More importantly, a large mirror to keep checking on the haircut’s progress and occasionally admiring your newly learned skills in the process. A hand mirror will also aid the experience to look on the backside of your head.

Secondly, ensure the lighting is adequate. You’ll have to focus closely – especially when fining out edges. Dim lighting can be misleading and may cause a lapse in judgment.

Choosing A Hair Style

Have a clear idea of what hairstyle you want. Since it is your first time, it will be safer to maintain your usual style. Then, as your proficiency increases, you can add your own twists. But for now, sticking to the basics is the right option.

Let’s Get Cutting!

The real deal begins here.

  1. Hair Wash

It’s helpful to shampoo or rinse your hair before a haircut. It stops your hair from twirling or getting rough, which can make haircutting very difficult. Especially if you use a product, cleaning your hair is a good idea.



  1. Part Your Hair

The haircutting process is easier when you partition the sides from the top. Then, comb out the hair in a way that it is all settled and orderly.




  1. Start with the Sides

Begin cutting your hair from the sides. Using your comb, push the hair from the sides from the temple to behind your hair. Next, place the comb horizontally and cut the hair inwards. This way only the excess hair is cut and it is easier to keep sides leveled.




  1. Trim the Top

Now moving on to the top of the head. This is the densest part of your hair and you have to be extra careful not to cut too deep or risk messing up the balance of your hair.

Using the comb pull your hair up and lightly trim from the top. Then, bring the hair down on your forehead to see how long you want to keep. A decent length will allow you the flexibility to play around with your styles.

  1. Final Touches

With the razor, balance out the sideburns and maintain neat edges around the ears. Then, set your hair to your preferred style.

Voila! You have successfully completed your first haircut using your very own barber kit.



Dari Mooch: Personalized Hair Care


Can’t wait to cut your own hair and refresh your look? Dari Mooch brings you the best haircut kit along with all the self-grooming tips and tools you need for hair care.

So what are you waiting for? Order your hairdressing barber today!

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