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Celebrity Beard Transformations - Dari Mooch

Celebrity Beard Transformations

Celebrities Who Stepped Up Their Beard Game

From their charismatic looks to how they carry themselves on and off the screen, we always idealize film stars and sports icons.

Naturally, they are trendsetters; turning heads with their fashion choices all the time. One style statement that has proven to be a game-changer for almost every male celebrity is taking on the bearded look.  

Along with upgrading their attractiveness, the beard also seems to be the secret to their successful careers. Yes, that’s right!

Here are just a few of the countless celebrities that inspired us with their amazing beard transformations. So, if you haven’t thought about that bearded look yet, here’s some motivation to get you pumped about your personal grooming!

David Beckham

His unbelievable free kicks aren’t the only reason for the footballing great’s fame; David Beckham is the sport’s very own fashion icon. Over the past few years, he’s settled down with a cool short trim beard —adding maturity and class to his looks.



Football fans, it’s time you also took beard care seriously and learned to grow it like Beckham!

Adam Levine

Maroon 5’s lead vocalist, Adam Levine is one of pop music’s most popular names. The singer plays around with his style for beard — sporting a light stubble or growing a heavy beard — updating his looks frequently.



It’s no surprise he is a permanent feature in the most desirable celebrities lists. 

Hugh Jackman

From Wolverine to Blackbeard, growing out epic facial hair seems to be too easy for Hugh Jackman. The beard has been a mainstay during Hugh’s career, and we sure can attribute a little part of his success to fab beard grooming.



Surely, there’s a collection of magic beard products that help him effortlessly groom the beard.

Idris Elba

Idris Elba’s pulls off any beard men style with such class, it’s hard not to drool over his facial hair game. From a trendy goatee to a neatly-trimmed full beard, he seems to casually switch from one style to another.



No wonder he’s a potential candidate to play the next 007!

Tom Hardy

From the youthful clean-shaven look to the macho fully-bearded style — Tom Hardy is barely recognizable after switching to the beard. The new rough and tough demeanor certainly contributes to depth in personality and character for the British Star.





Many fans are eager to find out the beard growth products Tom Hardy has been using.

Sheheryar Munawar

Once known for his boy-next-door looks, Sheheryar Munawar is no longer a ‘young star’. He has undergone a stunning transformation and is absolutely slaying with his perfect beard game.

Likewise, he’s landing roles for mature and groomed actors. At the same time, he’s also stepped into the production arena.

Beard grooming products have definitely done the trick for Sheheryar Munawar.    

Fawad Khan

Pakistan’s ultimate heartthrob; Fawad Khan has garnered acclaim for his acting skills across the border as well. But it isn’t just his craft on-screen that has won him a huge fan following — it’s also his dapper looks.

Especially since he has opted to join the beard club, Fawad’s attractive appeal has shot to a whole new level.

Misbah ul Haq

Cool and composed; two words that perfectly describe the former captain of the Pakistan Cricket Team. Since the cricket star decided to grow a full-fledged beard, it only added to his graceful persona and calmness on and off the field.  

Shine Like The Stars

It’s the era of bearded gentlemen, and our favorite celebrities have shown how men’s grooming is supposed to be done. If you too want to trod on the path of the stars, Dari Mooch brings the top beard oils and best beard growth products just for you.

Don the perfect beard and begin your journey to success!

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