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Pocket Comb v/s Wood Comb - Dari Mooch

Pocket Comb v/s Wood Comb

Growing an epic beard is a commendable achievement. But it’s only the start of a continuous journey of beard care and maintenance!

Looking after your beard includes self-grooming, moisturizing, and shampooing among other things.

To help elevate your beard game, a beard grooming kit is essential as it includes all the necessary products and tools that empower you to groom and grow the beard you want.

A beard grooming kit includes beard oil, beard shampoo, beard balm, mustache wax, and beard comb.

Wondering whether or not a beard comb is just like any other comb?

Not at all!

A beard comb is designed specially to run through your facial hair and keep them well-groomed.



Let’s delve deep into the world of beard combs, shall we?

Steel Comb v/s Wood Comb

Your choice of a beard comb matters immensely to your beard care routine. The two most popular options are the steel and wood beard combs.

We’ll walk you through what makes the both of them stand out and which one would suit you better.

Flow and Feel

A wooden comb is soft and flows seamlessly across any type of beard. Its thick and long teeth keep facial hair from entangling, while also saving you from the discomfort of getting stuck.

A metal comb is slightly heavier than the wooden one but maneuvering it through your beard is just as smooth. Moreover, the metal touch brings a feeling of luxury to your beard care.

Working With Beard Products

Keeping your beard healthy with beard products such as beard growth oils and balms is essential. Your ideal comb should complement and help even the products out in your beard.

Both types of combs serve the purpose brilliantly — albeit in their own ways.

The steel comb with its finer and heavier teeth effortlessly distributes beard balm and oil despite the thickness of the hair.

A wood comb is easier to grip for denser beards. Plus, it absorbs the beard oils without getting stuck and is smoother to comb beard.

Strength and Durability

Wood and steel are the sturdiest materials for beard combs. So, you don’t have to worry about them breaking due to rough hair or wearing off due to excessive moisture.

However, the wood comb does not match the life duration of the metal comb. You might have to replace it once or twice a year.

On the other hand, you can even pass on a metal comb to your children as a family heirloom!

Anti-Static Material

If you have been using a plastic comb you must have felt the pain of static electricity produced by it.



But with the steel and beard combs, that’s no longer an issue. Both are anti-static meaning you can tend to your beard tension-freely.


The cost is one of the most influential factors when we gauge the effectiveness of a men’s grooming products.

If you compare the two combs, you’ll find the metal comb to be priced higher. But it is a longer term investment where you might not even have to look for a replacement.

The wood comb is more affordable and a replacement won’t be due any time soon. Thus, both are cost-effective solutions.


Of course, before going out, you should give yourself a proper grooming checkup and ensure the beard is shining and settled.



But what if you unexpectedly have to shape the beard when you’re at the office or somewhere outside?

The pocket steel and wood combs are both your answers. They don’t risk being broken when you carry them around and they are literally lighter on the pocket!

The Final Verdict

Both the steel and wood comb not only serve their basic requirements but also provide comfort and luxury to beard maintenance.

As it all comes down to what beard comb feels right for you, we’ll leave it to you to decide the winner!

Explore Dari Mooch’s variety of beard combs and beard growth products to groom as well as grow the beard of your dreams!


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