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What Is A Hairdressing Kit And Why Do You Definitely Need One? - Dari Mooch

What Is A Hairdressing Kit And Why Do You Definitely Need One?


Every living male – from animal kingdom to humans – has a biological feature to help them stand out from the crowd. Peacock’s have colorful feathers, lions boast a mane, and when it comes to men, we have our luscious facial hair.



Our facial hair – both dari and mooch – symbolize our strength and hygiene, reflect the desire to conquer all feats in life.

Let us venture onto an adventure and introduce you to haircutting kit that can help you perfect the art of manning a robust beard and mustache while staying healthy.

From The Beginning – What Is A Haircutting Kit?

Every man needs a toolbox that helps you craft your own beard trimming regime. Dari Mooch’s barber starter kit that can be used as a haircutting kit too is the most ideal fit for your facial hair routine.

A professional barber kit contains all the essentials to trim, shape, and shave your facial hair. It has multiple items that are absolutely necessary and a few items that are optional.

Dari Mooch’s premium haircutting kit offers top of the line essentials that are a sign of highest craftmanship. Our barber kit is the perfect culmination of vintage and modern; it has the old school tools that are combined with modern technology to bring to you the finest men’s hair cutting tools.

What Your Haircutting Kit Must Have

We have curated a basic guide to help you determine what your professional barber kit and haircutting kit necessarily require. So, without any further ado, let’s get right to it.

  • A Professional Barber Scissor

A regular scissor just won’t do. Our facial hair requires a sharp set of professional scissors that are quick and precise. Our Barber Kit offers a professional grade scissor that has a special sterilized layer to protect you from the unwanted germs and bacteria.


  • A Professional Razor

Every barber kit needs an old school razor that provides a closest and most precise shave. Dari Mooch has designed a revolutionary razor that is ergonomically designed which makes our razors the lightest yet the most effective razor in the market.

  • A Professional Styling Comb

A comb goes through the most severe test! It has to comb and style hundreds of people’s hair. Therefore, it is essential to have your very own comb included in your barber kit.

The comb is necessary to untangle all the knots and make your beard perfectly fine before preparing it for a precise shave.

  • A Shaving Cream


Gone are the old methods of water and large scythes to shave facial hair. A modern man requires a personal grooming kit that can provide a good lather to soften the beard and then shave, shape, and trim it.

  • A Neck Duster

A beard and mustache routine are only half done until you have dusted off all the tiny hair that have sneakily made their way onto your neck and face, and even onto your ear.

Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to have a soft neck duster to brush off your neck and help you have a clean smooth skin. A Neck Duster can only be found in a personal grooming kit

Having looked at the 5 most important essentials, let us take a look at a few basic optionals that can make your facial hair routine even more luxurious

  • A Towel


The basic idea behind any personal grooming kit whether you call it a barber kit or a haircutting kit is to have your own safe and hygienic toolkit for the beard and mustache. Therefore, it is quite handy to have your own soft and warm towel to smoothen your skin before and after shave to reduce the bump and after-shave burns.


  • A Nail Clipper

Yes, yes. We understand. Nails are not necessarily a part of our beard or mustache. However, they are as essential for our grooming needs. A clean facial hair look can only be complemented by clean hands with well-trimmed nails.

Hence, an optional nail clipper is a bonus to have in your barber kit,  personal grooming kit and haircutting kit. After all, a barber kit is your one stop solution for most hygiene needs.

  • Beard Oil

Like our hair and skin, our facial hair and facial hair follicles need nourishment and moisture. It is only with Dari Mooch’s beard oil that your beard and mustache will feel hydrated, soft, and grow thicker and stronger.



The Importance of Personal Haircutting Kit

  • A Clean Shave

Personalized barber kits has premium quality tools which are efficient and precise in shaping and trimming your facial hair

  • A Safer Alternative




With an ongoing global virus and diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis, it is crucial to make hygiene and safety our first priority. A barber kit or, in other words, a haircutting kit provides that assurance and safety against transmission of bacterial germs and viruses.


  • Saves Time


Going to the barber could be time consuming, and let’s be honest, in this modern day and age, we rarely have the time to relax let alone go to a barber shop, wait for our turn, and get a clean shave.


Personal barber shave allows an opportunity to save tens of hours that could spent on doing something more enjoyable.


  • A Penny Saved Is A Penny Earned

A real gentleman stays above the game by saving each penny that could be reinvested.


The best haircut kit allows you to save money in the long-run by eliminating the need to buy men’s haircutting kit time and again.






Professional haircutting kit is a necessary toolkit for every man who wants to boast a manly mane. Dari Mooch has created the most essential and premium haircutting kit to meet every man’s needs.

Whether you rock a goatee, wear a chin strap, or a full beard, a barber kit is just what you need to up your fashion game while staying safe and healthy.


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