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Beard Care And Maintenance Simplified - Dari Mooch

Beard Care And Maintenance Simplified

Slaying With A Beard

There is nothing more attractive about a man than an elegant and well-kept beard.  If you want to stand out from the crowd and impress with your looks — the bearded look is the way to go. It can have a spell-bounding effect on everyone around you.



But to grow and maintain a wholesome beard isn’t exactly a walk in the park or game of luck.

The Plan

The recipe for success lies in a proper beard care and maintenance regime. The bearded pro will definitely show you a cupboard full of essential beard oils for growth and a beard maintenance kit.

However, if it’s only early days for your mustache and beard, chances are the countless ‘grow a beard’ tips from the experts don’t seem to be working and the world of beard products has left you feeling confused.



All you need is a simplified plan to guide you through maintaining the beard and seizing the day with your manly looks.

Give The Beard Some Time

You can’t think about growing facial hair one night and wake up boasting a mighty beard the next morning!

For every person, their beard grows at a different pace. You may be lucky to have a balanced beard growing from the start. But if not, don’t feel demotivated. For many, it begins with uneven patches. They may itch or they may not seem very visually pleasing; but bear with them.



During this time, you need to remain calm and patient. With enough time and care, soon your beard will grow out smoothly.

Style For Beard

With a beard, there’s no stopping you from trying out new styles. However, a beard is best maintained when you style it according to your facial features — especially the jawline and cheekbones.

Beard Care Products

The face is a sensitive part of your body. Therefore, you have to be very particular about the products you use. Carefully select your beard growth products that ensure your facial hair stays healthy and grows evenly.

  • Beard Wash

Firstly, you need to keep the beard clean. Often, dirt and food can get stuck in your beard which roughs up the texture and causes irritation. You should use beard shampoo and conditioner, separate from your regular hair shampoo, so the beard does not dry up.

Next, it’s important to keep the beard hydrated and moisturized. You can do this through regular oiling with natural beard oils such as our Oud Wood or cedarwood oils. They keep the beard hair healthy and the scalp strong; promoting denser growth.


Moreover, a beard brush helps in massaging the oil evenly and prevents the hair from becoming too heavy.

  • Beard Styling Balm

Finally, using a beard balm or wax keeps the curly hair in place and maintains a smooth growth flow; prompting neater growth and shinier looks.

Maintaining A Balanced Shape

Training the beard to grow in the right direction is vital. You can either run your hand smoothly down the beard or carry around a beard comb. The finer teeth of a comb help shape the beard and balance out the roughness.

Regular Trimming

As your beard grows longer and denser, it shouldn’t be allowed to flow freely here and there. Looking like someone desperately in need of a haircutting kit is quite a turnoff!

Thus, your beard grooming kit should contain an essential: the beard scissors. You should regularly — preferably every second week — cut the hair that seems to be getting out of shape or looks messy.

However, remember not to get too carried away and cut too much hair. This can result in the beard losing shape, and you losing your bearded look.


Here you have it: the beard care and maintenance plan all laid out. All that remains, is for you to start implementing it!

Be sure to check out Dari Mooch’s amazing collection of the best beard growth products to make beard care a breeze!


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