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6 Reasons Why Girls Should Date A Man With A Beard - Dari Mooch

6 Reasons Why Girls Should Date A Man With A Beard

Dating A Man With A Beard

You can’t really tell much about a person just by their looks – can you?

Well, that’s not entirely true. Especially when you’re deciding to date someone; you can’t go in absolutely clueless. The looks will speak for themselves.

While this isn’t the ultimate criterion, a beard or no beard can be the difference between a successful relationship and one that goes downhill! Yes, that’s right!

A man with a beard is no ordinary man. You can count on him to have many of the essential and unique qualities women seek in their partners.

Hence, if you’re rocking the beard and self-grooming game, you might already have found your soulmate. If not; hopefully, the wait won’t be too long. On the other hand, if you are just a beginner, stay tuned for a little motivation.



To ladies: A beard will tell you a lot about the man you date. Let’s see what makes a bearded date — the best one.  

  1. Swooping You Off Your Feet

Timeless and classy; beard men styles are always attractive with the manly aura emanating from all around. Similar to the effect a dapper suit can have - the beard has everyone drawn towards the man. Moreover, the beard attraction is permanent - rocking every occasion and outfit.

  1. Mature

A beard is a sign of growth – both physical and emotional.  Not only are the boyish looks overcome by beard care, but it also shows the person is serious about life.

Surely, manners make the men but beards do too!

  1. Taking The Lead

Sporting a beard is a conscious lifestyle choice. It takes confidence and resolve to take the decision and stand by it. Whenever faced with a difficult situation, your man will not hesitate to make the tough calls.



Moreover, a bearded person will be more outgoing and active in sports and social circles – always prepared for an adventure.

  1. Always There For You

A beard that makes you go wow doesn’t grow overnight. It takes weeks, even months of care and affection. A range of products, from beard growth oils to beard combs – essentially the whole beard care kit is required not to mention the proper grooming.

There is the awkward patchy phase to overcome, the dry and itchy periods to endure, and days when the chin blanket feels a little too hot!




All the struggle instills sympathy and attentiveness in a man. He won’t have irrational outbursts and will know when you need some time and space to yourself. Most of all, he’ll pay attention to you; the sweet small things that make you laugh, your pet peeves, your goals, and your ambitions. Last but not the least, you can count on a bearded man.

  1. Keeping Things Interesting

In the first few months of dating, all seems fun and magical. But then, the spark starts to die down. Everything just feels like a monotonous routine – all predictable.

However, with your bearded partner don’t expect them to become any less charming any time soon. They can play around with their style for beard – completely catching you by surprise by their changing looks.




Likewise, they are more likely to come up with gestures to keep the romance brewing.

  1. Husband Material

What do we all want from the perfect partner? A lifelong companionship – someone to grow old with.


Of course, you can’t just choose to marry anyone sporting an uber-cool beard! But it’s one effective way to gauge their commitment level – and not just limited to their personal grooming. They are usually settled in life, know their goals, and are well past their careless days.



Similarly, they might be looking for more than a casual fling; someone to live their lives with — truly husband material.

The Takeaway

Next time you decide to go on a date, opt for the bearded gentleman as you simply cannot go wrong with them.

For the men, if you’re not already winning in the dating area, this is probably one reason you should definitely try out the bearded look – and have Dari Mooch’s best beard care products to help you every step of your beard growth and grooming journey.

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