The Biggest tip: Your Beard and your jaw should work together not against

Let’s Talk Face shapes. First and foremost you need to determine what your face shape is and then you can move on to deciding the style of beards that suits you the most.

Square Shape:

People who have a fairly equally sized forehead, cheekbones and jaws are considered to have a square face. Try going for a style that highlights your jaw bones but does not make them too prominent

Our very own Adnan Malik is a good enough example

See how he sports a stubble that highlights his jaw bones but does not over power them

Round Shape:

People with wider cheeks compared to their foreheads are said to have a round face. Ahmad Butt is a good example of someone who has a slightly round face. For people with chubbier faces its best to have a beard that is trimmed and short, A Goatee could be your best bet!

Oval Shape:

Oval shapes are diverse and that will be your biggest win. You can play around safely with multiples styles. People with oval face shapes should keep a moustache as that compliments their beards in way that it looks fuller.

Ali Rehman will give you all the motivation you need!

Triangular face:

People with a triangular face have a narrow forehead and wider cheeks. Fuller beards work best for people with this face shape. Let’s call this the Umair Jaswal, Sammi look!

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We are trying to keep it simple here so let’s not get too over board. Would you guys like us to make videos on this? You can also head on over to our youtube channel to watch amazing content.

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