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Growth Line FAQs

We import the highest quality ingredients to formulate our products. For Example the castor oil we use in the Growth oil is the Jamaican Castor oil that is a very fine quality oil and is thin and non-greasy. Biotin is another such Ingredient that is very expensive and cannot be sourced locally. So yes the products may be on the expensive side but they are formulated with the highest regard to quality hence the price
All of the products have been formulated with ingredients that promote growth. The Growth oil has Castor oil and a rich blend of essential amino acids and proteins that will nourish your beard, the Growth shampoo has caffiene in it that draw blood to the skin and better help in absorbing the nutrients. The Vitamin spray has Biotin in it that will facilitate the growth by eliminating a deficiency of Biotin or essential vitamins to the skin. So yes each individual product has the ability to promote growth but when used together you will be able to go full force with your beard. So we recommend you use the whole kit!
You can start with the Growth Oil, it contains Castor oil and Avocado oil which will help in nourishing the hair follicle and thereby promoting the growth of hair and making it thicker. Also, the oil is enriched with essential amino acids and proteins that help strengthen the hair leading to less hair fall and breakage. The oil will definitely help but we still suggest to use the products together to obtain the full benefit!s
Your skin in the largest organ and anything you put gets absorbed. The spray not just contains biotin but a blend of essential vitamins too. You can definitely use Biotin supplements and consume a diet rich in Biotin along with using the Vitamin spray.

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