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Dari Mooch’s Pocket Comb - Dari Mooch

Dari Mooch’s Pocket Comb


A beard is the ultimate fashion statement – always in trend, always classy.

Whether you’re sporting a cool light stubble, a trimmed beard, or a full-grown classic, well-groomed facial hair is bound to stand out wherever you go. But like all special possessions, a beard requires great attention and care.

If you are a beard maestro, you must already have a dedicated collection of beard products to tend to your beard. But if you are new to the art or looking to up your game, a beard grooming kit is the way to go.

From massage oils and balms to conditioners and shampoos, beard care is essential in making your beard’s presence felt!

The Comb For You

One must-have in your beard care kit is a beard comb. Smooth and well-kept facial hear are both attractive and comfortable. Dari Mooch takes the beard care experience a notch further by introducing the ‘Steel Comb.

The Dari Mooch Steel Comb is not just any accessory. It sets itself apart from other plastic and wooden combs in several ways.

  • Elite Feel

Steel combs turn beard grooming into a luxurious experience. The smoothness of the metal and the seamless maneuvering of the comb is a royal dream. Treat yourself and enjoy every moment of beard combing with this beard product.



  • Longer Life

If you have a thick facial hear, you will be able to relate to the frustration of broken plastic combs every now and then. Steel combs are your lasting solution – one that you might even keep as a family heirloom to transfer to your children!


The metal is sturdy and will effortlessly comb through all types of beards. You don’t have to worry about keeping a backup or being extra careful about the comb being fragile. It won’t break nor will it bend.

  • Flow Your Way

Snagging hair is irritating and at times, can be very painful. Even if you regularly moisturize your beard, ordinary combs are likely to get stuck and pull out a few hairs in the process.

The large, evenly spaced teeth of the steel comb flow such smoothly through your beard, you won’t feel the slightest discomfort. Plus, it will save you tons of time spent watchfully combing.

Late for an important meeting or an awesome party because of a poor comb? Well, no more! Steel combs are quick and convenient.



  • New Styles

Regular combing is crucial in maintaining a balanced beard – especially if you are trying out a new style. It keeps the hair in place and allows it to set easily. With the steel comb, the whole process becomes a breeze. Try adding a little volume to the beard or changing the style a bit – it will surely grab the attention of those around you.




Care for Your Beard, the Dari Mooch Way!

Ready to rock the new bearded look or improve your game with the best beard care kit? Dari Mooch’s beard grooming kits have all that you need to take care of your beard.

Say goodbye to uneasy and fragile combs – the Steel Comb is here to completely change your beard grooming expectations.

With the classic steel com, care for your beard, the Dari Mooch way!

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