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Way To Get Rid Of Dark Lips - Dari Mooch

Way To Get Rid Of Dark Lips

Men’s Grooming Matters

We don’t often associate skincare routines with men together in the same sentence, do we?

But that is a stereotype in dire need of change. After all, men’s grooming is equally important, and men too deserve to feel and look good.

Part of the personal grooming checklist for men is taking care of their lips. While the contribution of lips usually flies under the radar, lips are literally what make a smile beautiful!



Whenever the lips begin to dry or grow darker, they become extremely noticeable and unpleasant, adversely affecting your appearance. Hence, they should be immediately tended to.

Why Do We Have Dark Lips?

Naturally dark lips are no problem at all, but if they have turned dark it’s not a healthy sign. The first step in solving this mini-crisis is identifying its cause:

  • Dehydration

Lack of moisture or water intake can result in the lips turning dark.



  • Over-exposure to The Sun

We all need a little time in the sun, but too much is harmful to our skin. It increases Melanin in our body causing over-coloring or ‘pigmentation’.



  • Allergic Reaction

As a reaction to a food item or skin care men product, the lips can experience dryness or turn dark.



  • Smoking

Smoking is perhaps the leading cause of dark lips. Nicotine not only damages the lungs but also increases the melanin present around the lips.



How to Treat Dark Lips?

Whether you have a mild case of dark lips or a serious one, there is no need to worry. Through proper care and self grooming, they can be treated within a few weeks.

Natural Remedies

There is no better way to look after your skin than tried and tested natural remedies. Regularly applying the following products will effectively cure your lips while having little to no side effects. Just make sure to thoroughly wash your face first.

  • Honey and Lemon

The honey-lemon combination works like a charm for all parts of your skin. Honey adds soothing moisture to your lips, while the lemon citrus lightens the color of your lips.  



  • Coconut or Almond Oil

A gentle massage with coconut or almond oil boosts the blood circulation around the lip area. Thus, improving the function of blood vessels responsible for giving lips their color.



  • Olive Oil

Slightly dabbing a few drops of olive oil daily softens the lips and keeps them from chapping.



  • Strawberries with Aloe Vera 


    Strawberries are rich in Vitamin C and thus help replace dead skin cells. On the other hand, Aloe Vera is a perfect skin-moisturizer and healer. Together they blend well to keep the lips smooth and moist.  


    • Cranberry Juice

    A natural lip-gloss, cranberry extract keeps the lips from turning dry and dark by working as a depigmenting agent.

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    • Green Tea Extract

    Green Tea is filled with polyphenol, an antioxidant that protects the lips from the harmful effects of sunlight.

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    • Lip-Lightener Balm

    Finding all these natural products may not be easy and then creating your mix might seem too much effort.

    If you wish for an easier yet effective way out, you can simply apply a lip lightener balm that includes all the necessary natural ingredients to keep your lips glowing!



    The Laser Option

    While directly applying natural herbs or a lip balm is likely to do the trick, you also have the option of laser surgery. The procedure is much faster, but there can be possible side effects.

    Healthier Lips, Broader Smile!

    A little attention towards self grooming is all you need to take care of your health and sharpen your looks.  

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    With the Dari Mooch skincare collection and more precisely lips balms, you can now make sure your lips are perfect, and your smile brighter than ever!

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