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7 Easy Steps To Grow a Beard - Dari Mooch

7 Easy Steps To Grow a Beard

There comes a point in the life of every man, when he looks in the mirror and gets a glimpse of peeking whiskers on his chin.

Immediately, a dream emerges; to grow a beard that would essentially transform his outlook.


From David Beckham’s immaculate beard to Jason Momoa’s rugged look – a beard is to a man what makeup is to a woman; a look completer.

Yet, if it is only the first whiskers that have emerged or light stubborn that has grown on your chin – you will need to put in some time and effort in beard care before you are able to grow beard that makes everyone do a double-take.

Let’s embark on a journey of facial hair grooming.

Considering your desire to grow a beard, tips await you, courtesy of Dari Mooch:


  1. Target Setting

The first crucial step on your beard growing endeavor is to visualize the result.

What sort of a beard do you want?

Do you want a light stubble, something heavier on the side, or a natural, raw look altogether?

Make a decision based upon the shape of your shape. For example, for those with rounder faces, a beard that elongates the shape of their face and makes it look slender – might just be the thing.

Have a beard look in mind and set out to achieve it. 


  1. Give it Time

Before you begin trimming your beard in accordance with your desired style, let it grow freely.

On average, half of an inch is grown each month. While two to four months are mostly taken by beard to grow fully. Studies display that an average beard will grow to 3-feet long if not trimmed.

Give your beard a month or two to grow. In this time, the light patches will be filled – and your beard will be ready for its styling.


  1. Careful Trimming

As it grows, your beard is going to grow upon your face and expand down your neck.

When grooming, keep in mind your cheek lines might be higher than you suspect they ought to be as.

A better way would be to chalk out an area (in your mind), and simply follow those lines when trimming your beard with your razor/trimmer.


  1. Beard Grooming Kits to the Rescue

What can make your beard stand out among the rest?

When your beard growing process is fused with the best beard oil for growth!

You may think that you don’t need to bother with Beard Oil or Beard Balm until you have full beards. However, utilizing these items from the very start helps keep the skin hydrated, the hair delicate, and your new development less irritated.

To make your beard grooming easier, Dari Mooch offers a vast range of beard oil, growth stimulating products, and facial grooming kits. 


  1. Don’t Compare

Having an objective and a facial hair ideal is acceptable.

It also sets an image to follow. However, obsessively comparing your facial hair with that of others is unfortunate and crushing.

Everybody experiences difficulty spots, and each has their own journey to go through.

Remember, your beard is as different as you. It needs its own time to settle and grow great and natural.  


  1. Take Health and Beard Care Hand-in-Hand

Eating right, sleeping well and getting plenty of exercise will benefit you immensely whether you’re growing a beard or not, but looking after body and mind has the added benefit of promoting strong beard growth.

Foods like Oysters, Eggs, Spinach, Cinnamon, soybeans and other legumes, whole grains, bananas, cauliflower, and mushrooms promote facial hair growth due to their nourishing vitamins.


  1. Beard Maintenance

Good beard requires caring for.

This includes the basics such as washing, shampooing, oiling and brushing.



This might seem like a lot of work – but no good thing comes easily.  

Initially, make use of the best beard growing oil you can find. If you are confused about a beard growing oil in Pakistan – Dari Mooch comes to the rescue.

Pair the growing beard oil with regular shampooing of the beard (on alternate days), and you will be good to go.


Let the Beard Games Begin!

There is no guaranteed success towards achieving your desired beard growth. But again – is there any guarantee of anything in life?

We, at Dari Mooch, are here to make your beard growing process a tad bit easier, so everybody has a shot at their favorite beard style.

Fix your diet, follow the 7 simple steps, get the oil beard, and use that best beard oil. Pakistan and its men have a new friend in town, especially here to offer facial hair grooming assistance.

Let’s all get that Dari Mooch!  

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