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Can't grow a 'DARI' of your dream? - Dari Mooch

Can't grow a 'DARI' of your dream?



It’s great that you have finally decided to grow a beard and it’s about time that you separate yourself from boys and join the league of men. Beards are never out of fashion and by supporting one you will not only look classy and sexy at the same time but it will do a world of good to both your professional as well as personal life. But how should you go about growing a beard? Confused? Don’t be! Here’s exactly what you need to do:

Remain calm and collective

Patience is the key when it comes to growing a beard, especially in the earlier stages. So let your beard grow for about a month. Don’t trim it and avoid over shaping it. This is essential because you need to get an idea about your beard and see what you have got going.


Embrace the itch and soften the beard

The prickly sensation is indeed going to trouble you a lot. Since you are going to grow a beard for the first time, you will have to bide your time. The itch will subside to an extent after a week or so. You can moisturize your facial hair using beard oil as it will surely benefit you. Beard oil can soften as well as groom your beard, prevent itchiness, and encourage growth.

Other than this, you can constantly brush your facial hair and align them to make sure that the hair continues to grow in one particular direction.

Wash continuously

There’s certainly going to be a lot of dirt and impurities trapped in your beard and they are going to make matters worse. So you need to wash your beard in regularly. Try using chemical-free beard shampoos, they are specifically designed to cater to facial hair and can help you in the difficult stages of the beard-growing process.

Some valuable tips


A beard shouldn’t end at your chin. Let the hair grow naturally up to about an inch or two above your Adam’s apple, then allow it to fade using a few different settings on a trimmer. Trim tighter on the cheeks and leave hair a little longer where a goatee would be.

Letting your hair grow in the initial stages is the key. Once they are all well grown, you can try experimenting with different styles and choose one that suits your personality and face.

That being said, growing a beard is not a child’s play. If you are serious and willing to commit, only then should you grow a beard. While the advantages of growing a beard are numerous, you do have to put in a lot of effort and spend some time to nurture it in order to get the perfect beard.

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