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HOW TO EAT WITH A 'Dari Mooch'?

You love your food just as much as you love your beard. Don’t you, beardsmen?

But what to do when the tomato sauce on the pizza instead of going in your mouth falls on your beard, or when the ice cream melts on your beard and it starts dripping?

You can’t just stop eating for the sake of maintaining your precious facial hair and keeping them well-groomed, or can you?

So, what should you do? How can you eat, enjoy your food and keep your beard clean, all at the same time? Confused? Don’t worry.

Here’s the solution to all your food-related beard problems:

How should you drink?

Drinking any fluid while saving your precious mustache can be quite stressful. This is why you need to use a straw or a travel cup to keep liquids away from the mustache. Drink like the royals – that is take small sips at a time. This ought to save your beard as well as the mustache. While eating cereal or drinking soup, only fill seventy-five percent of your spoon which is enough for a mouthful. This will reduce the chances of spilling the liquids.

What about the mouth-watering burgers, pizzas, pasta, and noodles?

Eating pasta, spaghetti, and any kind of noodles can be a painful process if you have a long and impressive mane. However careful you try to be, the noodles just tend to fall off the fork and into your majestic beard. 

But here’s how you can eat conveniently: hold your beard with your non-dominant hand, gently twist it and pull it to one side. Then go on your merry way and eat with your dominant hand. That’s how easy it is.

While eating burgers and pizzas, just brush aside your mustache, away from your mouth using your forefinger before you take a bite.


What about sweets?

Sweets are God’s gift to mankind. Doughnuts, chocolates, ice-creams and pastries, you just can't live without them. But the problem is that ice-cream melts, doughnuts, as well as chocolates, crumble and crack while pastries stick to the beard like a glue if they fall.

As far as doughnuts, chocolates, and pastries are concerned you can eat them by dividing them into small pieces while you can eat ice-cream with a spoon. Make it a habit of only eating ice-cream that is properly frozen and switch from eating cone to eating from cups. This will not only fulfill your desire for sweets but at the same time protect your beard from being caramelized.



The essence

Nothing worthwhile in life comes without sacrifice. So beardsmen if you really want to step up your beard game then you need to tone down your eating habits - just slightly. Take note of the above-mentioned tips as well as tricks and implement them while you munch down on your food or gulp fluids. With a little care and clever application, you can still enjoy your food while supporting a manly beard.

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