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'Dirty Beards'; Myth or reality

In light of the complaints against our fellow Beardsmen, we at Dari Mooch decided to do some research and see for ourselves how ‘Dirty’ beards actually are.

The ‘study’ that most people know off was actually conducted to find out if animals particularly dogs could share MRI machines with humans. As part of this study samples were taken from men and dogs but how on earth did this end up in Beard panic, no one knows! Yes some men had loads of bacteria in their beards but nothing a beard shampoo cant fix right? Right.

P.S If you were wondering; It’s perfectly safe for Humans and dogs to share MRI machines!



A more recent study however has made Beard Lovers cry with happiness

Want to know why?

 Here you go:

“Not only were the bearded men less likely to harbor bacteria than their clean-shaven counterparts,” Dr. Kovarik says, “but the clean-shaven men actually had higher rates of certain bacterial species. This was attributed to micro-trauma to the skin that occurs during shaving, which could support bacterial growth.”

That's a lot of science! Lets put it in simple words: 

Beards do not carry more bacteria than clean shaven men, in fact , it could be the opposite!


So before you decide to bid your bearded friends’ goodbye, its best to step back and re-evaluate your decision. After all what will you do without this Bearded goodness:



And this:

(source: Mangobaaz.com)

Lets not forget this:

(source: mangobaaz.com)


  I mean, let's be honest we will be miserable without these bearded legends! 

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