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Lip Balm

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Why you need this!

  • Softens cracked and dry lips
  • is not sticky and will not make lips glossy 
  • Does not contain a tint/color

Lips are very prone to dryness since they lack natural glands that keep the rest of your skin hydrated. Our balm is a mixture of amazing, highly nutritious oils and butter that will give you supple and luscious lips.

  • Shea Butter is anti-inflammatory and has high concentrations of vitamins
  • The Vitamin E and B-complex vitamins in the Jojoba oil help in skin repair and damage control
  • Almond oil helps reduce pigmentation

10 G /  0.35 fl oz

How To Use

STEP 1: Wash your face and make sure your lips are clean

STEP 2: Apply the desired amount on to dry lips

STEP 3: Re-Apply as required throughout the day


- Petroleum Jelly
- Vegetable oil
- Shea butter
- Coconut oil
- Olive oil
- Jojoba oil
- Almond oil
- Vanilla flavor.

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One of the best ingredients when it comes to moisturizing and nourishing your skin! Shea butter has been packed with multiple vitamins which ensure that your lips remain crack-free, smooth and looking their best


The Almond Oil present in our Lip Balm helps bring your lips back to life by getting rid of dead skin cells and repairing your lips. Almond oil contains high volumes of Vitamin E which increases cell turnover, giving your healthier lips and a confident smile.

So stop worrying about cracked dry lips and start using Dari Mooch’s Lip Balm today!

How many times a day should I apply the Lip Balm?

It is recommended that you apply a lip balm 2-3 times a day in order to avoid chapped lips. If your skin is genetically dry you may need to apply the balm multiple times in a day (4-6 times) 

Is your Lip Balm sticky and glossy?

No, the formula is super light and absorbent. It does not leave a sticky or glossy residue on your lips.

Is there tint or color in the Lip Balm?

No, the balm is not tinted and it does not contain any artificial pigments.

Are the ingredients added in the Lip Balm halal?

Yes they’re halal. You can check out the ingredients listed under the product as well to be sure. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 170 reviews
Lip Balm

Amaizing thing.

Thank you for leaving a review for our Lip Balm. We are so glad to hear that you find it amazing! We strive to create high-quality products that our customers will love. We hope to continue providing you with great products in the future.

Muhammad Rizwan

Lip Balm

Thank you for your review of our Lip Balm. We're glad to hear that you are satisfied with the product. We strive to provide high-quality and effective lip care for our customers. If you have any further feedback or questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Usman Jahangir

Lip Balm

We are so glad to hear that you are enjoying our Lip Balm. Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. Is there anything else we can assist you with?

Asad Rehman

Acha ha

Thank you so much for leaving a review for our Lip Balm. We're glad to hear that you think it's good and acha ha. We strive to create products that our customers will love, and we're happy that you're enjoying it. Thanks again for your support!

Very good product for the lips for the people who smoke daily

It is a very good product fro the lips and it is a very useful products for the lips of the people who smoke daily

Thank you for your positive review of our Lip Balm. We're glad to hear that it's been helpful for your lips, especially for those who smoke daily. We appreciate your support and hope to continue providing great products for you.

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