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Hair Clay Wax + Hair Wax

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  • Hair Clay Wax
  • Hair Wax

This is the ultimate bundle for all your hair styling needs! The Hair Clay Wax gives your hair a matte finish, making it the perfect clay wax for everyday use. With Hair Wax, you can achieve a sleek, smooth hairstyle while adding high shine to your hair which is perfect for every occasion. 

Note: Please know that these are bundle offers and not individual kits. Multiple bundles ordered will all be packed in a single box for delivery.
In case you require individual boxes for each bundle please contact our customer support for assistance or place separate orders for each bundle.

Effortless Hairstyling

Hair Wax Dari Mooch


Hair Wax Clay contains natural ingredients that gives your hair medium hold and adds low shine to your hair. Its reworkable formula allows you to restyle your hair throughout the day giving you a perfect matte look.

Hair Wax Dari Mooch

Hair Wax

Hair Wax is formulated with natural waxes and essential oils that adds texture and shine to your hair. So you get that sleek, shiny and glossy look without damaging your hair.

What texture will the hair clay give the hair?

The Matte hair clay will give your hair a medium re-workable hold with a matte finish. The re-workable formula allows you to change your hair style during the day.

Can the hair clay be used every day?

The Hair clay’s re-workable formula makes it convenient for everyday use. Since it is made of natural ingredients it won’t damage your hair so it is safe to use daily.

Will the hair wax make hair greasy?

Our Hair Wax contains natural waxes that adds natural shine to your hair and prevents hair from getting greasy.

What's the difference between the Hair Clay Wax and Hair Wax?

The Matte hair clay will give your hair a medium reworkable hold with a matte finish. The Hair Wax adds shine and medium hold to your hair, making it perfect for every occasion.

Customer Reviews

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Mohammad Usaid Rao
Hair clay & hair wax

Yes the product was soo amazing i love it and it is worth to buy it in this valuable price

Hamza Ahmad
Product Review

I used alot of products to style up my hairs but these product hit different in my list.
Very Impressive Product.
will see you again.

Thanks for the positive review! We're glad to hear that our hair clay wax and hair wax have made a positive impression on you. Looking forward to serving you again.

Muhammad Zunoorain

Hair Clay Wax + Hair Wax

Thanks for the positive review!

Hassan Cheema
Hair wax and hair clay

Yeah you hair clay + wax is amazingly I'm fully
Satisfied ❤️

Thank you for the positive feedback! We're glad to hear that you are fully satisfied with the products.

Murtuza Ali
It's amazing


Thank you for the review! We're so glad that you're enjoying our products.

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