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Bundle: Lip Lightener Balm + Under Eye Balm

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Complete skin rejuvenation! Get rid of pigmentation and dark spots.

What's Included

  • Lip Lightener Balm
  • Under Eye Balm


Lip Lightener Balm

Our Lip Lightener Balm contains all the vital ingredients such as Lime juice and Honey that will help repair your lips and bring back their natural color. Lime juice acts as a natural bleaching agent which can help lighten your dark lips. Honey contains natural antioxidants properties which help repair, protect, and reverse skin damage.

Under Eye Balm

Under Eye Balm

Our Under Eye Balm has been packed with caffeinated ingredients such as Chamomile and Green Tea extract which boost blood circulation and increase your skin cell turnover rate. This results in repairing damaged and discolored skin. So say goodbye to under eye circles and wrinkles for good!

My lips have become dark due to smoking; will this help lighten my lips?

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Yes! Our Lip lightener balm will help you out. It has been made with ingredients that will help lighten dark lips over time. It includes ingredients such as honey and lime juice that are natural bleaching agents and help restore skin color and rejuvenate your skin. If you are a smoker than apply the balm before smoking and also once at night

My lips are very dry and cracked; will the lip lightener balm help?

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I would suggest you try the lip balm for that purpose. But if you think your lips are darker than their natural color and also dry then you should try the lip lightener balm.

Will this make my lips pink?

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The lip lightener balm will not make your lips pink; it will only restore the natural color of your lips.

Is the Lip Lightener Balm tinted and scented?

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The Lip lightener balm does not have any color in it and is not scented.

Can the under eye balm be used daily?

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The Under eye balm should be used daily in order to see visible results.  The ingredients are all natural and do not have any side effects hence can be used daily.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Muhammad Wassam
face care kit

it is going very good. i m feeling a difference on my face . my skin is now smother than before

Thank you so much for your honest feedback!

Muhammad Arslan
Indeed good product and packing

Very nice

Thank you so much for the feedbck!
We are happy to serve you.

Syed Ali Shah
Best experience

It was my first order with you guys and i am very much satisfied.

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us. It means so much when our best customers share their experiences.

Tayyab Khan

Unfortunately I am a smoker and my lips have darkened over the years. Using the Daari Mooch lip lighting balm for just over a week and to my delight it actually works, my lips have defintely lightened. Also been using the under eye balm by applying at night before sleep and when I wake up my bags have considerably reduced.
Great products that show results.

We're happy that you're happy, and we're looking forward to your next shopping..

Rashid Mustafa
I love it.

Amazing product worth the price and it does indeed work as advertised.

Thank you so much for the honest feedback!

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