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Acne Face Wash

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Why you need this!

  • Treats existing acne breakouts
  • Fights off acne creating bacteria
  • Prevents future breakouts
  • Unclogs pores and deep cleans
  • Makes skin healthierΒ 

Experiencing acne, blemishes, pimples, or zits? If yes, this Face Wash is the ultimate solution to all these pesky problems! Our Acne Face Wash has been specially formulated for acne-prone skin that is normal to oily. This tried-and-tested Face Wash helps in controlling excess oil while also hydrating and protecting the skin against acne-creating impurities.

Disclaimer: Please perform a patch test before you start using the product

How To Use

Take out a dime sized amount and apply onto a wet face

Lather up and massage in a circular motion especially near the affected area

Rinse thoroughly with water


- Sodium Cocoyl Isothionate
- Glycerin
- Sodium Benzoate
- Hydroxy Propyl Methylcellulose
- Salicylic Acid
- Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate
- D.Panthenol
- Neem
- Extract Oil
- Carbomer
- Nordihydroguaiaretic Acid
- Oleanolic Acid
- Tea Tree Oil
- Phenoxyhethanol


Acne forms when dead skin and excess oil traps bacteria in your skin. Our Tea Tree Oil and Salicylic Acid infused Face Wash penetrates deep into your skin and works as a natural exfoliant to wash away dead skin cells, and fight away acne creating bacteria. This helps heal your current acne and prevent new acne breakouts.


The unique combination of Salicylic and Palmitic Acid present in our Acne Face Wash ensures that your skin remains hydrated and smooth and isn’t stripped off of its natural oils. While Salicylic Acid works to control and wash away excess sebum, Palmitic Acid helps retain moisture by forming a protective layer.


Combat acne breakouts and clear up your skin with our Acne Face Wash. The anti-inflammatory properties allows it to calm redness and inflammation caused by acne, so you get clean, clear acne free skin with every wash.

How often should I use the Acne Face Wash to get rid of all acne?

You’ll need to use the Face Wash regularly, it can take up to 2-3 months to see proper visible results, and get clearer skin. However it also depends on how intense your acne is.Β 

This Face Wash contains Salicylic Acid, will it harm my skin?

Salicylic Acid acts as a natural exfoliant that helps smoothen out your skin. It’s overall a very commonly used and safe ingredient, however we would recommend you do a patch test beforehand in case you have sensitive skin.Β Β 

Difference in Charcoal Face Wash and Acne Face Wash?

The Charcoal Face wash contains activated charcoal substances that help deep clean your skin by removing dirt and dust stuck in it. The Acne Face Wash contains Salicylic Acid and Palmitic which deep clean and fight off acne creating bacteria to give you cleaner acne free skin.

How to do a patch test?

A patch test will let you know if a new product will suit your skin. A patch test can be done anywhere on the skin but the product must be left on for at least 24 hours, recommended places to do the test is the inner arm, or side of the neck. First clean the area where you wish to do the patch test and then apply a small amount of the product onto the area. If you feel any burning or itching, wash off the product immediately. If you don’t feel any burn or itch that means the product suits your skin and you can continue to use it.

Please note that the patch test is only to determine whether the product and its ingredients suit your skin type. Do not expect to see end product results by performing a patch test, it will not generate results that will be achieved after actual continuous use of the product. If you are concerned about starting a new product, please consult a dermatologist prior to use.

Incase Acne Line products reacts to your skin, contact our support team immediately. In this situation you'll be eligible to return the products and apply for a product exchange or refund. Refunds and exchanges for the Acne Line will only be valid within 10 days of having received the products and given that the products returned are at least 80% full. All refunds will be processed within 10 working days of having received the products back.

Customer Reviews

Based on 103 reviews
Hamza S.
Acne facewash

Good product. My face skin gets better after using this.

Thank you for your review! We are thrilled to hear that our Acne Face Wash has improved your skin. We strive to create effective products that truly make a difference.

Wasif Ali Khan
Review of Dhari Moch Face Wash and Body Wash

I recently received my order from Dhari Moch, and I couldn't be happier with the products! Both the face wash and body wash exceeded my expectations. The face wash left my skin feeling refreshed and clean without any dryness, and the body wash had a luxurious lather that left my skin feeling soft and hydrated. The packaging was also beautifully designed, adding a touch of elegance to my skincare routine. Overall, I'm extremely satisfied with my purchase and would highly recommend Dhari Moch products to anyone looking for quality skincare essentials.

Thank you for your glowing review of our Dhari Moch Face Wash and Body Wash! We are so glad to hear that both products exceeded your expectations and left your skin feeling refreshed and hydrated. We truly appreciate your support.

Maqsood Haq

Acne face wash good

Arshan Nawaz

Acne Face Wash

Qasim Ali

Excellent product.highly recommended

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