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Awesome products 💖💖💖

I love the brush and beard balm the mustash vax is also awesome but smell of mint is too strong but still i love it....and delivery on the second day man this fastest free delivery ever

Yours Products are very good and i am very satisfied with yours products.

That is great to hear! Thank you for the review Hussain.

Fantastic product

I have been testing this product for about 2 weeks and my thoughts on this product are:
(1)Packaging:Very Good
(2)Scent: Overpowering Soapy Scent.Need serious Improvement.
(3)Consistency and Application:Smooth and Easy to apply
(4)Finish:Very Low Shine
(5)Hold:Medium to Strong
(6)Washabality:Very Easy,come out with just water
OVERALL:It completely worth your Money.Its Impossible to find a good hair clay in Pakistan with such a low Price.
My Message for Darimooch Team:Kindly improve its scent and Secondly Launch a Traditional Heavy Clay,with a Strong Hold and Matte Finish thats what we lack here in Pakistan.Also launch a Full range of hair products which include a Matte paste,Pomade and Clay.

Thank you for this detailed product review Arif! We will definitely look into the suggestions you have given us.

growth oil or coconut oil

which oil is good for thickness of beard is groom kit is effective or growth kit

The Growth Kit Mudassir, it'll help strengthen the hair making it thick and also fill in empty patches.


I didnt think it would work. But it does. Surprisingly well alhumdulillah. Im satisfied

That is great to hear! Thank you for the review Usama.

Growth Kit

Better than expected

Shopping online in pakistan is a risk but dari mooch cane through with their product loved everything from the packaging to the product

We are so glad to see that you trusted us Faiz. Thank you for the review.

Excellent product for daily use

Thank you for the review Wajahat!

Good Stuff

Finally something exclusive for men !!

That's what we're here for Rizwan!

Lip Balm

Excellent packing.

Thank you for the review Muhammad!

Bundle Offer: Pack of 2 Charcoal Body Wash

Thank you for the rating Ather!

Mery Muhammad bloch rot 4 floor block A) aisa machin lyari karachi

Highly recommend

Will definitely recommend this brand to you all.. I've ordered for the first time.. all the products were good and nicely packed.. #lovethepackaging❤️ quick delivery.. all over very good experience ✨

Thank you for the review Maham! We’re glad to hear that your first experience with Dari Mooch went great, Hopefully the coming will be even better!

Cedarwood Beard Oil

Thank you for the 5 stars Tanzeel!

Amazing Brush

When I use Beard Brush, my Beard looks shinier and irresistible highly recommend👍🏻

That sounds amazing, thank you for the review Shehbaz!

One of the finest facewash i have ever used. Very few products suited on my skin but for darimooch i would give 100 marks. Recommended 👍

That is great! We are happy to know that you have found the perfect product for your skin type. Thank you for the review Ayub!

Outstanding product and solution

If you are looking for Beard solution, you will receive free consultancy and solution from experts. The beautiful thing these people are creating the awareness of caring of Beard, which almost I ignore. Received in Good packing, 100 % natural and you can use continuously. It's really impressed me. The order has been received with in 24 hrs. I will highly recommend everyone to start care of beard with darimooch team.

Thanks Darimooch Team.

Thank you so much for this detailed review Sanaullah! That is true, our aim is to promote awareness about self grooming within men. We want to see men taking care of themselves and always look their best. We are glad to hear that you're someone who supports our cause, thank you.

Highly priced

Received your Lip Lightener Balm. I hope it works out as it's supposed to. But the main thing is that it's PRICEY Product. Try reducing the price a bit.

Hello Usman, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. We will look into this and see what can be done. Do share what results you achieve with the help of the lip lightener with us.

Charcoal Products are Awesome

I ordered them cuz i like it and they are awesome and very excellent Product and i have ordered face wash and body wash these are nice

Thank you for sharing these amazing pictures with us! We are happy to hear that you found the products to be excellent.

Aweeeeesome product. I used a nose-strip few days back and Wasn’t expecting anything from this face mask when i first used it but i was honestly surprised at amount of stuff that came out when i peeled the mask. It dried in a quick time and left my face cool and refreshed. 👍 10/10 recommended.

We are so glad to hear this, thank you so much for the review Dr Yasir. Looking forward to your next order.

Love it, keeps up with other commercial facewash’s, and works even better when i’m using other charcoal line products.

Thank you for the review Dr Yasir!

Great product, been using it for about two weeks now and am quite satisfied with it, would suggest to either add more microbeads or increase their size because scrubs are supposed to scrub roughly whereas this is a little too soft.

Hello Dr Yasir, thank you for the feedback, we will definitely look into this. We actually kept the scrub mild so it would be suitable for all skin types. But we are glad you shared your opinion, we'll see what we can do about this.

Finally found a good clay I longed for.
Delivery was fast, packaging was great and the product works wonders. Highly recommended coming from loreal homme clay.

That's awesome Hunzala! If you don't mind, we would love to see a picture of you having styled your hair using the hair clay. Thank you for the review.

I don't have beard right now but I want to grow beard, so what should I try

Hello Saqib, what you need to check out is our Growth Line These products have been specially formulated to help fill in patches in your beard and give you a fuller beard. Have a look at the products and then reach out to us whenever you need further assistance.

Charcoal Face Mask

Wasn't expecting such a good outcome. Its a good product specially for someone who have a routine for outdoor activities.

It definitely is Farrukh, the Face Mask will help pull out all impurities from your skin after a long day out in the dusty environment. We are glad you liked the product, thank you for the review!