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5 Beard Myths - Dari Mooch

5 Beard Myths

There are a number of beard myths that discourage men to grow a beard. It is vital for you to clear your misconceptions once and for all about beards before you actually begin to grow one. Following are the five most popular beard myths:

  • Shaving the beard will make it thicker and grow faster.



This is absolutely wrong. There is no scientific study that has proved and so there is no empirical evidence to prove this. In fact, the only things that determine the growth of the beard are age, genetics and the type of beard care you get.
  • Beards are scratchy and itchy.

It is widely believed that maintaining beard is a long, arduous and painful process. This is not true. Most men do not face this problem at all and the ones that do pass this phase in a week or two. The best part is that there are Beard oils, Beard balm and Beard Shampoo available to prevent this from even happening the first time.

  • Only a barber can help you maintain your beard and take appropriate care of it.

In reality, the opposite of this is true. Often, the barbers either works according to what they think looks good on you or they style your beard which looks good temporarily but becomes out of shape the very next day. The best way is for you to style, trim and maintain your beard yourself. No one else can take better care of your beard than “you”. There are many accessories and products available that you can use to style your beard as you like.

  • A complete beard should grow in maximum two to three weeks.

This is not possible. A complete beard takes at least a couple of months and in this period one has to take extra care of their beard. Luckily, there are numerous products out in the market that can help you grow a complete and healthy beard.

  • A beard will make you look old, grungy and a copy-cat.

The fact is that beards make you look sexy. There is no better word to describe a man with a well-kept beard. Beards are in style and fashionable. Keeping one will not make you like someone else. It will make you a better version of yourself. So have fun, don’t think too much and start growing a beard. Be a Man!

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