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How to Apply Beard Oil - Dari Mooch

How to Apply Beard Oil

Applying beard oil is very easy. Just pour a couple drops of the beard oil into palms from the dropper and use the tip of your fingers to massage oil evenly throughout your beard and into the skin beneath.ย Donโ€™t forget about the underside of the beard coming up from the chin Then massage it onto the beard. Follow with a brushย to help detangle hairs and keep your beard tamed and in place

You should prefer applying beard oil when your beard dries down just after you take a shower. This is when your facial hair will be the softest and the cleanest. Your skin pores at this time will be relatively open and the beard oil will work itself into them giving you the maximum benefit.

The thickness and length of your beard determine how much beard oil you should use. The average amount is around 6-7 droplets but it varies. If your beard is less than a month old, use 4 droplets. Add one to two droplets with every passing month in order to have the maximum effect. If your beard is more than a year old then use ten to twelve droplets.

It is highly recommended that you use beard oil daily. The type of climate you live in should be taken into account before you apply beard oil. If the climate is dry or it is the winter season then you must use beard oil daily or even two times a day whereas if the climate is humid or it is summer season you can make do with using it daily or even with a one day gap.

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