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Hair Clay Wax Dari Mooch

Hair Clay Wax


Achieve the perfect matte finish with a flexible, reworkable hold, with the help of our Hair Clay Wax. Enjoy the freedom to touch and restyle your hair anytime during the day without worrying about ruining your flawless hairstyle

Hair Clay Wax Dari Mooch

Suitable for all hair typesย 

Why Dari Mooch Hair Clay Wax
Enriched with a carefully curated blend of high quality ingredients, our Hair Clay Wax offers a unique hair care experience while delivering exceptional styling results. The key components of this extraordinary Hair Clay Wax include Beeswax, Bentonite Clay, and Jojoba oil, along with a selection of other beneficial elements, which make this Hair Clay perfect for all hair types

Hair Clay Wax Dari Mooch


Use 1-2 times a day

STEP 1: Take out a small amount of the clay or as needed and warm it by rubbing it between your hands

STEP 2: Run your fingers through your dry hair, evenly distributing the product from scalp to tips

STEP 3: Now style your hair however you like!

Hair Clay Wax Dari Mooch



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