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Flare + Dune Body Spray + Durex Extended Pleasure 12s + FREE SHAMPOO

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What's Included:

Durex Extended Pleasure condoms use a special lube to delay climax and help intimacy last longer. 

  • Lubricated: Yes
  • Height: 180mm
  • Width: 56mm
  • Feature: Secret to lasting longer in bed
  • Teat ended straight walled: Yes

    Dune + Flare Perfumed Body Spray 

    • No Gas - Longer Lasting Fragrance
    • Reduces body odor
    • Keeps you smelling fresh all day
    • Prevents sweat stains
    • Contains skin-friendly ingredients

    Unique earthy scent of Dune is perfect for those men who appreciate nature and a sense of the outdoors. Whereas, Flare is formulated with a blend of herbaceous, woody, and citrusy notes that work together to create a balanced and refreshing aroma which is perfect for daily wear. 


      How To Use

      -Take the wrapper open from the serrated edge. Be careful with the condom, it could get damaged by fingernails or sharp objects.
      - With the roll outside, squeeze the teat and place the condom on the tip of the erect penis.
      - Roll down to the base. Stop and check if you feel the condom slipping off or too tight on the penis because it might lead to breakage. You should take the condom off soon after ejaculation. Hold the condom firmly at the base of the penis before pulling out.
      - Throw the foil and used condom into a bin. Don't flush down the toilet.

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