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Hair Spray + Hair Clay Wax + Hair Wax

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Why you need this!

Different occasions require different looks and this pack will keep you covered.

The Hair Clay Wax provides a Medium Hold, which gives your hair a Reworkable Texture allowing you to style your hair throughout the day! The Low Shine matte finish makes sure your hair looks sleek and tidy!

The Hair Wax adds Shine and Texture to your hair, which gives you a Sleek, Shiny and Glossy look. Your hair looks smooth and styled on every occassion!

The carefully formulated hairspray gives a long-lasting High Hold along with a High Shine. The full coverage feature assures your hair remain frizz-free, and held together to get you through the day looking your absolute best!


Hair Matte Clay
STEP 1: Take out a small amount of clay from the tin or as needed and warm it by rubbing it between your palms

STEP 2: run your fingers through your dry hair, evenly distributing the product from scalp to tips

STEP 3: Now your hair is ready to style!

Hair Spray
STEP 1: Shake the bottle before spraying on the product

STEP 2: Hold the bottle at a distance of 12 inches from your hair and spray all over your hair in a circular motion

STEP 3: Style your hair as you want using either your fingers or a comb and you’re ready to go

Hair Clay Wax (75g)
- Glycerin
- Jojoba oil
- Castor oil
- Steareth-25
- Kaolin
- Beeswax
- Bentonite

Hairspray (200ml)
- Ethanol
- Dimethyl Ether
- Aacrylate / Octyl Acrylic Amide Copolymer

Hair Matte Clay Dari Mooch

Hair Matte Clay

Our Hair Clay provides a reworkable hold with a matte finish. So you can retouch and change your hairstyle throughout the day. It has been formulated with organic bentonite clay from volcanic ashes that not only helps style your hair but also deep clean your scalp, resulting in strengthening your hair and preventing hair loss

Hair Spray Dari Mooch

Hair Spray

Our carefully formulated hairspray gives a long-lasting High Hold and High Shine while ensuring your hair isn't damaged when you style them. The full coverage feature assures your hair remains frizz-free, and held together to get you through the day looking your absolute best!

Can we use the Hair Spray/Hair Clay on wet hair?

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It is recommended that you use the product on dry hair. This will make it easier for you to style the hair properly. However it depends on the look you’re going for, if you want a wet slicked back look then you can use the products on slightly wet hair as well.

 Will it make myhair dry or rough?

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The products will give your hair volume and texture for the time they have been applied but as soon as the products are washed off your hair will return to their natural state. 

What's the difference between the Hair clay and the Hairspray?

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The hair clay has a matte finish whereas the hair spray gives a shine. There is also a difference in the hold each product will give your hair, the hair spray has a stronger hold that will keep your hair fixed in one style, whereas the hair clay gives a medium hold allowing you to change your hairstyle during the day and giving you a softer finish.

Will the products damage my hair?

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We’ve formulated both the Hair Spray and Hair clay carefully with premium quality ingredients which ensure your hair isn't damaged while you style them.

Customer Reviews

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Abdul Wahab
Simply Awesome!!

I have been started using your products since November and i am loving each and every product of yours i am using..Keep it up..You guys are doing such a great job..InShaaAllah Allah SWT Bless you all.

Thank you for your review!
We're so happy to hear that you're enjoying our products and that they're helping you achieve your hair goals. We'll continue to provide high-quality hair care products that help you look and feel your best.

Umer Bashir

Hair Spray + Hair Clay Wax + Hair Wax

Thanks for the rating!

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