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Gold Starter Beard Grooming Kit

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This Kit Includes:

  • Urban Beard Oil       30 ml / 1.0 fl oz
  • Beard Balm              50 g / 1.6 fl oz
  • Beard Shampoo       120 ml / 4.2 fl oz
  • Pocket Comb

The Gold starter Beard Grooming kit has everything you need to maintain and style your beard. Each product contains a unique blend of natural ingredients to provide the ultimate beard care experience. Clean, moisturize and condition facial hair for a sharp, well-groomed look using our Beard Shampoo, Urban Beard Oil, Beard Balm and Pocket Comb.


    Beard Grooming Turned Gold

    Golden Starter Grooming Kit

    Embrace Trendy and Classy With Urban Beard Oil

    Want to style your beard like your favorite celebrities? 

    The citrusy, moisturizing Urban Beard oil gives you the control to style and shine your hair in any style you want!

    Golden Starter Grooming Kit

    Shine With The Beard Balm

    Now, you don't need to worry constantly about keeping those facial hair in place. Dari Mooch's beard balm makes styling effortless and classy and makes your beard shine all day!

    Golden Starter Grooming Kit

    Feel The Flow With The Beard Shampoo

    Want silkier facial hair that you can smoothly run your fingers through?

    The beard shampoo is exactly what you’ve been searching for all along!

    Should I use beard shampoo every day?

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    No. You only need to wash your beard 1 to 3 times a week.

    Can I use a regular comb for my beard?

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    Regular combs aren't designed for facial hair. They can be painful and damage your hair. The beard comb allows you to gently brush with its effortless design!

    Do I need to wash off beard balm after use?

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    Yes. Wash off the beard balm at the end of the day to allow your beard to retain natural moisture.

    How does Urban Beard Oil help with beard grooming?

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    The Urban Beard Oil hydrates your beard, eliminates roughness, and allows you to freely style your hair!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Ahmad Sheikh

    Really loved your products.These products really helped me in groming my beard❤️

    Usman Baig

    Gold Starter Beard Grooming Kit

    Thank you for your review of the Gold Starter Beard Grooming Kit!

    Abdul Usama Khan

    Gold Starter Beard Grooming Kit

    Thanks for the rating

    Mudassir Ali

    All products is very good

    Thanks for your feedback!
    We are happy to hear.

    Good seller

    Daari mooch is a great platform for such products. They know how to treat the customers with their products. I am 110% satisfied with their products. In my opinion 1 thing they need to add with their products is literature. Costumer will know well how to use the products.

    Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us. We are grateful for
    customers like you. We will definitely look into your opinion.

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