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Beard Comb

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Why you need this!

  • Detangles beard hair
  • Distributes oils evenly
  • Stimulates the hair follicle
  • Does not irritate the skin 
  • Made from Pearwood

Perfect for grooming, our 5" inch wooden comb will make sure you look your best at all times. Not a whole lot of science behind this one. Get our signature comb designed to help you even out your beard on the go!


The Signature Dari Mooch Beard Comb

Beard Comb

Get The Beard Of Your Dreams

The Dari Mooch Beard Comb de-tangles and straightens facial hair without breaking or generating an electric charge. 

Enjoy static-free and tamed beard and whiskers to appear your best – all the time.

Beard Comb

Groom On-The-Go

Skip the need for a comb case, our Beard Comb fits in your pocket for on-the-go styling!

No need for beard gels or serums to keep your facial hair in place. The comb glides through and opens knots and tangles, all with its 5-inch powerful body!

Beard Comb

Style & Standout With The Best Beard 

Made with Pearwood, the most beard-friendly material, the porous comb absorbs and distributes natural and man-made oils throughout your beard evenly for a revitalized look. 

Be your best self with the Dari Mooch Beard Comb.

Does the beard comb work for beards of all sizes?

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In theory, it does. But a suggestion from us Dari Moochers to you: for a smaller length of beards, use a beard brush and switch to the comb when the beard is slightly longer. 

Can I use a regular comb for combing my beard?

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We wouldn’t advise you to do so. A pearwood Beard Comb is made specifically to flow through beards easily while stimulating hair follicles. The usual, plastic comb doesn’t have this magic. 

Is the beard comb only used on the beard?

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Not at all. Being a Dari Mooch product, it works on both, your dari and mooch. Tame the whiskers and get the beard flowing, all with a single comb. 

What is the size of the comb?

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The signature comb by Dari Mooch is 5 inches in size, making it the perfect size for your pocket and easy to carry everywhere you go! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Muhammad Abdur Rehman

I was searching for wooden combs, I got it here....
Its awesome, Fine, and the best thing is it do not hurts.
And make the beard Graceful. <3

Thank you for your words !
Our products will stand best for you always.


Superb and smooth

Thanks for the amazing feedback!

Hammad Ahmed

Yes the comb is good. It doesn't hurt your skin unlike those plastic combs. Feels very good when used on bread.

We are glad we were able to meet your expectations! Thanks for review !

Good quality comb

I saw a wooden comb after a long time and couldn't resist from buying it. Its a good quality comb and serves the purpose well.

Thank you for your words !
We will make sure to keep up with the quality and service.


Bit expensive
Main purpose of the wooden comb is to perform antistatic function and enhance growth l.
If it's fulfilling these requirements then it's fine

We are glad to hear that the comb is fulfilling your requirements. Thank you for the review!

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